Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says Brussels Attacks Show Security Protocol at Airports Must Change

In an exclusive live interview on the CBS 58 News at 4, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said security needs to change at airports everywhere, including Milwaukee's Mitchell International.

Airport officials refused to comment on possible changes after the attacks on an airport and subway is Brussels Tuesday because of security reasons.

But Sheriff Clarke, who's deputies help TSA with security say the recent attacks show terrorists are getting to carry out their plans before they even get to security checkpoints.

 "I think we're doing this wrong as it comes to TSA screening," Sheriff Clarke told CBS 58's Michele McCormack. "They're treating everybody the same.  Everybody is not a terror threat.  What we need to do is do a risk assessment on these individuals that are involved in this sort of thing. That might mean do some profiling, we might have to do that.  And then what you do is target your limited resources toward those high risk threats. Not little kids, not senior citizens, not everybody."

Sheriff Clarke says the profiling is not based on ethnicity but a pattern of behaviors that law enforcement trains to detect, including social media chatter.

When it comes to local bomb threats, the Sheriff expressed disappointment that the case against a local teenager is staying in juvenile court.

When the 16 year old was arrested for phoning in two of the three bomb threats that disrupted classes at West Allis Central High School, Sheriff Clarke said he believed the teenager should be made an example of and prosecuted in adult court.

In the end, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office prosecuted him in juvenile court with two felonies.

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