Milwaukee County resolution will offer free rides to voters with no state ID

MILWAUKEE-- The new voter ID law has thousands in a scramble to obtain state ID cards before Election Day. 

As November 4th approaches, an estimated 91,000 Milwaukee County voters do not have a valid government issued ID.

\"This voter ID is nothing but voter suppression by another name,\" said Milwaukee County Supervisor Khalif Rainey, of District 2. 

Under the new law, all voters must show government issued photo identification at the polls on Election Day.

\"It's important that we make it easy for them to obtain an ID so they can vote,\" said Joe Czarnezki, Milwaukee County Clerk.

A new Milwaukee County resolution will give these voters a free ride to DMV to get a state ID card.

\"There will be a conversation between the transit system and the DMV to make it as feasible and seamless as possible,\" said Rainey.

Transportation officials are still discussing details on how the ride system will work. 

Rainey wrote the resolution, he says the system is expected to cost $1200 in public money. 

Rainey says studies show Milwaukee County's African Americans are 250% less likely and Latinos were 270% less likely to have the required documents to cast their ballots on Election Day.

Aside from communities of color, election officials say the Voter ID law also affects many elderly voters.

\"Obviously if you don't have a driver's license, you don't have a way of getting to the motor vehicle department to get a state ID,\" said Czarnezki.

Czarnezki says acceptable ID on Election Day includes a Wisconsin Driver's License, state ID card, tribal ID, naturalization papers, and a US Passport.

The Milwaukee County Transit System says they're trying to get everything finalized as soon as possible.

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