Milwaukee County Residents will Vote on a Wheel Tax at the Polls

NOW: Milwaukee County Residents will Vote on a Wheel Tax at the Polls

Voters will head to the polls tomorrow for dozens of races and referendums.

There is also a question about the wheel tax in Milwaukee County.

Some officials are worried the wording will confuse voters.

The county already has a $30 wheel tax and tomorrow voters will be asked how they feel about it being bumped up to $60.

Here is what Milwaukee County voters will see Tuesday:

"Do you support County Executive Chris Abele's proposal for a $60 vehicle registration fee to provide funding for transit and transportation-related projects?"

County Executive Chris Abele says that's because a wheel tax already went through.

Abele wanted that tax at $60, the county board compromised at $30 then decided to ask voters for their opinion.

So while voters are being asked if they support a $60 wheel tax, it would actually be a $30 increase from the current wheel tax.

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson says confusion over this question could be one of the biggest problems on Election Day.

If voters support the referendum question, it does not mean the wheel tax automatically shoots up from $30 to $60.

Tomorrow's results could send a clear message to county officials.

Documents also show Abele asked the board to re-word the question last December, but the board says he missed the deadline for a December resolution.

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