Milwaukee County Officials Considering Building a $184 Million Courthouse

Milwaukee County Officials are considering building a new criminal courthouse and Safety Building which will cost approximately $184 million, according to a strategic plan presented to the county on February 19.

Costs include asbestos abatement, demolition of the Safety Building, potential demolition of bridge connectors, four years of escalation, design fees and other project costs.

The new building would be 360,000 square feet and would contain 26 courtrooms and judicial chambers.

Long-term expansion would be to 30 courts.

The new courthouse would be in the location of the existing Safety Building.

According to the report, a major issue is the public, judges, jurors and detainees currently have to mix within hallways and elevators. The new courthouse would have areas designated for each.

A goal of the new courthouse is to make it easier for Criminal Clerk’s office which is housed in the Safety Building but they serve courtrooms in the Historic Courtroom, Safety Building, and Criminal Justice Facility. In addition, jurors, currently, must move from the jury assembly room in the Historic Courthouse to courtrooms in the Safety Building. A new courthouse would have a jury assembly room. 

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