Milwaukee County Parks announces 2021 Traveling Beer Garden schedule 🍺

NOW: Milwaukee County Parks announces 2021 Traveling Beer Garden schedule 🍺

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It’s another sign this afternoon that spring is officially here! The Milwaukee County Parks kicked off its Traveling Beer Garden Tour Monday, April 5.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley was at Sprecher Brewing Company to announce traveling beer garden schedule for 2021.

At Sprecher Brewing (701 W Glendale Avenue in Milwaukee) there are two different tours this year: “Roll Out The Barrel” kicks off May 12, and “Pass Me A Pint” begins May 19.

It’s the eighth season for the popular event which happens at a variety of county parks throughout spring and summer.

There are also two new parks this year, West Milwaukee and Cooper Park, and some new food via Tricolo Peru.

Crowley said the Garden has generated more than $3.4 million, overall, to help sustain the parks system.

“After a difficult winter I know that so many of us are looking forward to an outdoor, physically distanced summer activity this summer. So, this is exciting to be here," said Crowley.

All improvements are to make the beer garden more fun to enjoy.

The Traveling Beer Garden will stop at nine different parks this year.

Since the Traveling Beer Garden's inaugural season, Sprecher Brewing Company has donated over $200,000 in Parks improvements ranging from pavilion renovations to ADA accessible restrooms to energy efficient lighting installation to tree planting and even parking lot resurfacing. The Traveling Beer Garden is staffed and operated by Parks staff.

Like last year, COVID-19 safety measures will be in place at each stop.

“As we do emerge out we are still starting the season with the same COVID precautions as 2020. We at Milwaukee County Parks, we at Milwaukee County are committed to the safety of our citizens and our residents," Milwaukee County Parks Department Executive Director Guy Smith said.

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