Milwaukee company shares how homeowners can avoid frozen pipes

NOW: Milwaukee company shares how homeowners can avoid frozen pipes

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – As we deal with bitter cold temperatures, homeowners need to take steps to make sure their pipes don’t freeze.

Milwaukee companies like Diamond Plumbing Services say homeowners are at a higher risk to see pipes freeze in the frigid temperatures Wisconsin is getting this week. They gave us tips for homeowners to be proactive:

What homeowners can do outdoors:

  • Make sure you disconnect garden hoses
  • Drip, drain outside faucets
  • Turn off the valve it’s connected to
  • Keep your garage door shut

“We do deal with a lot of situations when it comes to lawn faucets, when it comes to freezing, bursting because they're exposed to the outside elements the most,” Mariell Brown of Diamond Plumbing Services said.

What homeowners can do indoors:

  • Let your sink drip when it’s really cold to get the water moving
  • Open your kitchen cabinets to allow warm air to circulate near your pipes
  • Keep interior doors open to allow heat to circulate in your home
  • Keep your house warm, even if you’re away for the weekend
  • Add insulation to pipes exposed to frigid temperatures

A warning sign you can look out for in your kitchen: 

“If water starts to drain slowly from out of the faucet you might want to get a plumber over there that might be a sign that the pipes are starting to freeze,” Brown said.

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