Milwaukee Celebrates 17 New Bublr Bike Stations

With decent bike riding weather in the future there are more Bublr bikes to choose from in Milwaukee.  

An event at Hillside Terrace Monday morning celebrated 17 new Bublr bike sharing stations in the city, doubling the previous number and bringing the total to 28. 

The new stations extend Bublr bikes' presence to the north, south and west of the initial downtown sites.

"We want to make sure that this system, it’s now becoming a system that goes beyond the central business district that it reaches into the neighborhoods, gets beyond the heart of the city and gets into the neighborhoods," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The new locations are a direct result of partnerships between Milwaukee Public Works, Bublr bikes, and UW-Milwaukee.

To see the new locations you can go to Bublr Bikes Website here.

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