Milwaukee Bucks Invite Make A Wish Girl to Shoot Hoops

Milwaukee Bucks Coach Kidd invited a 14-year-old California girl to take part in the teams shoot around.

“We've always been an athletic family we just liked his style of play,” said Selah Kitchiner.

It was no easy feat for Selah to get here.

She underwent a kidney transplant and her father passed away from cancer.

She's come a long way since that tumultuous time last year.

“If you asked me then what I'd be doing I'd never guess I'd be here,” Selah said.

When the players cleared the court Selah had the chance to shoot with Coach Kidd.

Get a few tips and for a moment take a shot knowing her father would be proud and excited by the opportunity.

“Just seeing her smile having fun and making shots. She complained that we didn't have the right ball but she got over that quickly when she started to see the ball go in,” Coach Kidd said.

Funny how a game can have such far reaching impact. For a young girl to get a shot her father always would have wanted. And a coach to show he can follow through.

“To give back. that's what life is all about,” Coach Kidd said.

The meeting was made possible through the Make A Wish foundation which estimates that it grants a wish every 37 minutes. wishes that prove to be game changers for the young people who take part.

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