Milwaukee Brewers will Open a Bar in its Parking Lot

Milwaukee Brewers will be opening a bar in its parking lot for tailgating.

The “Brew Crew Bar,” will be located in the Yount Lot on the east side of Miller Park.

The Bar features live entertainment (including DJs and live music sets), multiple bars (beer, mixed drinks, soft drinks), lounge furniture, outdoor heaters, tailgate games, phone chargers, as well as premium suite options offering rooftop viewing platforms and satellite TV with surround sound.

It will be open to the public for approximately 40 games in 2017, including Opening Day, all Saturday/Sunday games, and select Friday night contests. For many remaining games, the Brew Crew Bar will be available for private group rentals.

The Brew Crew Bar will be accessible three hours prior to games and can accommodate 150 guests.

“We are always looking to elevate the Miller Park fan experience, and that starts with the pregame tailgating,” said Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger. “The new Brew Crew Bar takes this experience to a new level, with features that will appeal to the many Brewers fans who embrace the tailgating that is a staple at Miller Park.”

More information on private rentals of the Brew Crew Bar is available by calling 414–902-GRPS (4777).

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