Milwaukee Brewers rank 10th in home attendance for 2017 Season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Brewers are the smallest metropolitan area with a Major League Baseball Team in the United States in 2017. However, you wouldn’t guess that going to most Brewers home games last year. Out of thirty MLB teams, the Milwaukee Brewers ranked 10th for average attendance at a home game, averaging 31,589 fans per home game.

The Brewers were able to draw well over 2.5 million fans to the Miller Park in 2017, this being a 10.5 percent increase from the 2016 season. Does this mean that Brewers fans are some of the best in the big leagues? You tell us. 

Take into account a team like the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles payroll was almost twice as much as the Milwaukee Brewers last year, and Baltimore's metropolitan area population is over 2.7 million. However, there were only 7 teams whose attendance at a home game averaged worse than the Orioles.

Although the Brewers didn't make the playoffs, they still finished the season with a winning record (86-76) and were only eliminated from playoff contention two days before the end of the season.

So be proud of yourself Milwaukee Brewers fans! And don’t forget, there’s only 173 days until Opening Day 2018!

Here are the top 10 teams with the highest home attendance in 2017:

1) Los Angeles Dodgers (46,492 per game)

2) St. Louis (42,567)

3) San Francisco (40,786)

4) Toronto (39,554)

5) Chicago Cubs (39.501)

6) New York Yankees (38,851)

7) Los Angeles Angels (37,279)

8) Colorado (36,465)

9) Boston (36,021)

10) Milwaukee (31,589)

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