Milwaukee Based Life Coach Claude McFarlane Takes Your Questions on How to Reinvent Yourself Friday on the News at 4

Claude McFarlane, Founder & CEO of The McFarlane Group, has developed a program to help people reinvent themselves as they set news goals for their lives.

The concept is simple, you have to know who you are to set out for what you want to achieve.

Claude  returned to the CBS 58 News at 4 Friday, just about one month after his first appearance about reaching your goals for the New Year.

He will be back on the air Friday, February 17th, answering your questions to find inspiration and get what you want out of career and life. 

He wants folks whose resolutions may have fallen by the wayside not to give up.

"Get back on the horse," he urged. " You have to be able to find that inner energy and focus on what you need to do."

At the McFarlane Group, Claude has developed a system out for recognizing the essence of an individual and the function of an individual.

"Who we are as a person," he explained. "I like to go right to the future. What are you going to do to leverage the present to reach your future goals."

This type of analysis means learning from the past and not dwelling on it. Avoid the mindset that you can't recover from mistakes.

"Look at it as a challenge. There's a learning opportunity. Accepting and processing. You can't take a step into the future if you still have a foot in the past."

Claude says he likes writing out goals or using the computer to make snapshots that he can put on a list and check off as he accomplishes things.

Don't become discouraged if you can't make your deadline.

"A lot of people say I need to catch up. I say you need to re-set. I like to check everything on my list. Select the top three things."

One of the more complicated keys to reaching goals is what Claude calls getting rid of the toxic and that sometimes includes people.

"A lot of things that stand in our way are bad habits. Sometimes we have to filter people out. It starts in the mind. Get toxic things out of your life, you'll see your future more clearly.  You need to ask what value are the people in my life bringing me. Look at what portion of your life different people play."

Claude will be returning to the CBS 58 News at 4 next week and is taking questions from viewers.

You can submit questions here or on our facebook page.

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