Milwaukee bartenders step up efforts in responding to opioid overdoses

NOW: Milwaukee bartenders step up efforts in responding to opioid overdoses

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Local bartenders are now getting training on how to administer Narcan amidst an opioid crisis in Wisconsin.

At Franks Power Plant, Rebecca Cottreau made sure all of her staff is trained on how to administer the potentially life-saving drug.

"I feel armed and more powerful to be able to help, and I empowered my staff to feel that way as well," said Rebecca Cottreau, the general manager of Franks Power Plant.

Recently, dozens of local bartenders attended an opioid overdose prevention training. They're hoping to counter-effect an overdose even before an ambulance arrives.

"We all care about each other so I wasn't surprised at all to see that many people there," said Vanessa Parker, bar manager of Company Brewing.

Parker said she hasn't had to use Narcan since the training months ago but she's ready. "It's something that exists and to be able to have this tool to curb an overdose in that moment, it's really important."

The US Surgeon is urging more Americans carry the opioid overdose-reversing drug. 

The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin says they've already had a demand from the community so much so that they set up a monthly training.

"A lot of folks are scared this may happen to someone they know and they want to be prepared and others just want to be trained and ready to respond if an overdose occurs," said Kristen Grimes, Director of Prevention Services.

"They're someone's daughter, mother, brother, we want to make sure they're saved," said Cottreau.

That free monthly training is the third Thursday of every month:

Where: Highland Commons, 6700 West Beloit Road, West Allis

When: 5:30-6:30 p.m.

You'll also get a free overdose kit.

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