Milwaukee bars prepared for big crowds for Wisconsin game

It's always a party when the Wisconsin Badgers play a big game. And as the team keeps winning, the games get more and more important. a showdown with North Carolina starts at a perfect time for local fans. The 6:47 tip off gives a lot of people a chance to leave work and get settled in. Bars are typically prepared for these nights. Whether it's in Madison or Milwaukee or anywhere around the state. Fans look for spots with great deals and a lot of TV's. \"Who's on Third\" in Milwaukee is one of those, they have all their staff ready to go.

\"[Thursday night] We'll have seven bartenders, four cooks and myself and the owner running the floor,\" General Manager David Gawlick said. \"We know how busy it is because when we have this place full we don't want the service to slack.\"

Dozens of other bars across Milwaukee and the surrounding area will have special deals for Thursday night's game. It's best to check websites and social media to find those.

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