Milwaukee bars earn a spot in national competition for America's best historic bar

MILWAUKEE-- Walk down to the basement at Holler House on 21st and Lincoln in Milwaukee, and you'll find the oldest, sanctioned bowling alley in America.

Marcy Skowronski, is the owner of Holler House.

\"1936 was the last 300 shot here,\" said Skowronski, \"we're still trying to get somebody to throw a 300.\"

Skowronski's in-laws built Holler House in 1908, their wedding picture still hangs on wall.

\"I've been here 61 years,\" said Skowronski.

The Milwaukee establishment is part of a national \"March Madness\" style tournament for historic bars.

The family owned business has been serving up Milwaukee hospitality for more than a century.

\"You can come in here on a Sunday afternoon and see four generations of that,\" said Cathy Haefke, Marcy's daughter.

Ladies should be prepared when they step into Holler House, though-- once you enter the bra you'll notice bras hanging from the ceiling, and there's a story behind them.

\"I started that with my friends about 45 years ago,\" said Skowronski.

The bras come from first time visitors to Holler House.

\"They just wiggle out of them, sign them, and hang them up,\" said Skowronski.

Skowronski says the tradition is all in good fun.

\"Everybody asks what makes us stay in business this long, I say it's the people, we've got very good people here, very caring people,\" said Skowronski.

The Safe House in Milwaukee is also in the competition.  To vote for both local bars, visit the Preservation Nation Blog.


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