Milwaukee Awarded For Improving Police And Community Relations

The Metlife Foundation awarded Milwaukee 2 of 7 national awards, which are handed out for improving police and community relationships.

The city accepted those awards at a ceremony on Wednesday morning in Milwaukee's Amani Neighborhood, where violent crime rates have decreased more than 20 percent over the past several years.

“What’s most important is the relationship between the community and the police department. It builds trust, respect, and a rock solid community,” said Alderman Russell Stamper II.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn also spoke at the ceremony.

“What defines us is our day to day work in the most disadvantaged communities in this city to try to create safe environments where people can raise their children and pursue the American dream,” Flynn stated.

There’s also been help from outside organizations like the Dominican Center, and Habitat for Humanity working in the Washington park neighborhood.

Both organizations were awarded a $20,000 grant from the Metlife Foundation to help continue their efforts in allowing residents to take back their neighborhoods and inspire positive change.

Chief Flynn also announced the Department of Justice has awarded Milwaukee a 3 year grant worth almost $750,000 to continue working on crime reductions strategies.

“We are going to continue to work in revitalizing neighborhoods, reducing crime, and using research based and evidence based methods to accomplish that,” Flynn said.

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