Milwaukee artist defies odds with her art

NOW: Milwaukee artist defies odds with her art

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Natalie Fiske is an artist who has been defying the odds since she was born. 

Born premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy at six months old, she has never believed in limitations. 

She learned how to drive a power wheel chair at the age of three. At 7, she asked for a pogo stick, not even thinking about the limitations of that chair. In middle and high school, she dreamed of becoming a sports broadcaster, so she found a way to commentate at baseball games. 

Four years ago, when a friend wanted a painting, she figured she should give it a try. 

With the help of an art coach, she's come up with a process to paint, and has a portfolio of work that continues to grow. 

For more on her art, visit her website. 

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