Milwaukee alderman sponsoring resolution where residents vote for police chief

NOW: Milwaukee alderman sponsoring resolution where residents vote for police chief

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With a few exceptions, police chiefs in cities across America are appointed. One alderman in Milwaukee, however, believes voters should decide who should serve as the city's top law enforcement official. 

Alderman Khalif Rainey, who is sponsoring the resolution, says time and time again there have been instances of strained relations between the community and police. He wants to give the people the power to decide who polices them.

Rainey cited the Sterling Brown incident as an example.

Currently, The Fire and Police Commission appoints the police chief. There wasn't any support for the proposed resolution by the alderman in the Judiciary and Legislation Committee on Monday morning and they decided to hold the issue until Rainey irons out more of the details.

"Ultimately, I just wanted to have a conversation and what I wanted to bring to light is that currently the way things are established we are circumventing the public. We're saying we need another body who has more wisdom than you the electorate has. If the electorate had the wisdom to send myself and four other Alderman and the mayor down here to represent them, I think they have the same ability to make those decisions as it relates to the chief of police," said Alderman Rainey.

Alderman Bob Bauman had several issues with the proposed resolution. He suggested that the mayor should appoint a chief and then have the Common Council confirm it.

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