Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan announces public safety plan

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan says he's got a plan for taking back the streets of Milwaukee. Republican state lawmakers appeared with Donovan to show their support Donovan's plan.

Alderman Donovan's eight point public safety plan calls for people in the community to make pledges to clean up their neighborhood. It also looks to expand the shotspotter program, a move that requires more funding from Madison. State Representative Robin Vos says, \"We want to find resources at the state level to ensure that technology is put to work. Right here in this community to keep it safe.\"

Shotspotter uses sensors across three square miles to identify gunfire and get police to the scene faster. It costs up to $50,000 per square mile and Republicans voted to cut a near half million dollar state grant that helped the program. State Senator Alberta Darling hopes to get $175,000 in funding for the program.

Alderman Donovan's plan also requests 250 new police officers hired in two years. The 2014 city budget added 120 officers, but adding the remaining 130 officers would cost the city more than eight million officers. \"The few million necessary to bring those officers's there,\" said Donovan.



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