MFD: Man found frozen on sidewalk near Muskego and Burnham in Milwaukee

MFD: Man found frozen on sidewalk near Muskego and Burnham in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County medical examiner says a man dressed inappropriately for the weather was found dead on a sidewalk Tuesday morning, Dec. 7.

It happened near Burnham and Muskego.

The medical examiner says the 59-year-old male victim wasn't dressed right for the weather, which may have attributed to his death, but says he may have suffered some type of medical event that led to this tragic situation.

One first responder says they see this far too often. 

As temperatures drop across Wisconsin, the number of calls for emergency medical services increase.

First responders like Lieutenant Lorenzo Williams, with the Milwaukee Fire Department, say this is the time of year they see more people laying outside in the cold.

Tuesday morning, crews were called to the 1900 block of S. Muskego Avenue for a report of respiratory arrest.

"The call came in for someone down," said Lt. Lorenzo Williams. "We investigated the person down and we gave them the best help we could at that moment. Unfortunately, that person is no longer here."

Williams says the victim froze to death on the sidewalk.

This is a difficult reality for first responders like Russell Johnston. He's worked for Bell Ambulance for the last 13 years. He says these situations can advance quickly, but if you can help, do so.

"When it's really cold, frostbite can set in in a matter of minutes," Johnston said. "If you have a blanket or anything in your car, if you can get them in your car, if you're comfortable with that -- but then call resources. Because we can send an ambulance there, get them warmed up. We have hot packs and blankets and heaters in the ambulance."

The most important factor is to bundle up.

"Nice, good, comfortable mittens, hat, warm socks, boots to protect the wind, and jackets that can protect the wind."

The medical examiner says the victim was not homeless and the autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, the city of Milwaukee has several resources during extreme cold temperatures. CLICK HERE for more. Or call 211 for information about places to stay warm, including emergency shelter options that are available year-round. 

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