Methamphetamine Lab raided at Delavan apartment complex

A Methamphetamine lab was raided at 407 1/2 Main Street in  Delavan by Walworth County Drug Unit and Delavan Police Department .

Inside the apartment, Deputies located signs of methamphetamine manufacturing. The Deputies vented the apartments, and removed themsevles from the apartment and waited for DEA Clandestine Lab Team  to respond along with the City of Delavan Fire Department for decon and  possible fire suppression. The DEA processed the lab location and then cleared along with the Delavan Fire Department.

Danial J.Carpenter , age 30, Delavan, was arrested on two counts of Delivery of Methamphetamine, possession of Methamphetamine waste,  Manufacture of Methamphetamine and possession of Methamphetamine paraphernalia charges.

Also arrested and confined in the Walworth County Jail was Jennifer Volp from Delavan on possession of Methamphetamine waste, manufacturing Methamphetamine, and possession of Methamphetamine paraphernalia charges.

Paul Schmitt will have charges forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office  for  Manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine paraphernalia, and possession of THC charges.

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