Menomonee Falls Traffic Accident Results in 6 Injuries and 25 Damaged Cars

A traffic accident Tuesday morning in near Pilgrim Road and Main Street resulted in 25 damaged vehicles and six injured.

At approximately 7:59 AM, the Menomonee Falls Police Department (MFPD) received a report of several traffic crashes along Interstate Highway 41 south bound near Pilgrim Road and Main Street.  A slowdown in traffic and sun glare, including the glare off wet pavement, may have been contributing factors.

The MFPD partnered with the Menomonee Falls Fire Dept., Germantown Fire Dept., City of Brookfield Fire Dept. and the Wisconsin State Patrol in investigating this incident and transporting injured parties.  The highway was returned to normal traffic at approximately 9:45am. 

The initial assessment is that nine separate traffic crashes resulted in 25 damaged vehicles and six injured persons.  The injured were taken to Community Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

The MFPD encourages drivers to be aware of changing driving conditions and to drive at reduced speeds when those conditions require.  Increasing stopping distance as well as being aware of other vehicles in one’s proximity can avoid crashes or reduce their severity.  

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