Menomonee Falls bank robbery suspects face federal charges

MENOMONEE FALLS -- All three BMO Harris Bank robbery suspects are facing federal armed robbery charges. According to federal investigators two men robbed the bank on April 17, 2014 while a female employee they knew was leaving work.

According to the affidavit, 21-year-old Christopher Jacko and 21-year-od Zachary Ellis approached 21-year-old Lindsey Fischer and another bank employee as they were walking out the back door. 

The affidavit says Jacko and Ellis pointed a handgun at the two women and told them to let them in the bank. The two men demanded Fischer open the bank's vault, and ordered the other employee to give Fischer the vault's code.

Fischer led Jacko to the bank's vault, and allegedly recognized him once they were in the vault. Fischer identified Jacko as her boyfriend to federal investigators. Jacko confessed Fischer knew the bank was going to get robbed, but she didn't know when it was going to happen.

Both Ellis and Jacko fled the bank in a white 2005 Dodge. Menomonee Falls police pursued the robbers, but eventually lost them. The vehicle was found abandoned in an industrial park near Pilgrim Rd. and Kohler Ln.

Ellis was arrested by police after someone reported a suspicious person in the area of a company called Inventix. Police found the stolen money and gun on Ellis.

While police were searching for Jacko, they pulled over a vehicle driving around the area frequently. The driver is the woman who the white Dodge was registered to. That woman turned out to the mother of Jacko's children. She told police Jacko called her to come pick him up.

Jacko was later found near the Dunkin Dounuts near Silver Spring Rd. in Menomonee Falls.

Fischer has been charged with bank robbery along with Jacko and Ellis.

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