Menominee Tribe Files Lawsuit Against Department of Justice

The Menominee Indian Tribe filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency.

Federal agents raided tribal land on October 23 destroying its industrial hemp crop.

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The tribe said the hemp was grown legally in compliance with federal laws.

Menominee Chairman Gary Besaw said:

“The Menominee Tribe, in cooperation with College of Menominee Nation, should have the right under the Farm Bill to cultivate industrial hemp in the same manner as Kentucky, Colorado, and other states. These and other states cultivate industrial hemp without threats or interference from the United States government. In contrast, when our Tribe attempted to cultivate industrial hemp we were subjected to armed federal agents who came to our Reservation and destroyed our crop. The Department of Justice should recognize the equality of Tribes under the Farm Bill, and provide us with the same respect they have demonstrated to states growing industrial hemp for research purposes.”

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