Meet Jethro! Dog That Was Shot at Close Range is Looking for his Forever Home

OZAUKEE - Jethro is one of the many wonderful animals up for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Jethro has not been able to find his forever home and is now considered a Benchwarmer at the humane society. The Humane Society has reduced Jethro's adoption fee to just $25 in hopes to find him a family.

Jethro was featured in the Humane Society's 2016 Hope's Lights Campaign. 

According to the Wisconsin Humane Society, the 3-year-old pup had been found alone in the woods with a shattered jaw. Vets later discovered that he had been shot at close range and needed emergency surgery to repair the many fractures. He recovered in the care of a foster home and eventually was adopted by a family who loved him very much. Unfortunately, as Jethro began to heal, some behavioral challenges arose that made it clear he couldn't live a happy and fulfilling life in that particular environment, so he came back to WHS to find a home more suited to his needs.

Jethro would be much happier in a rural home without many other dogs in the area, and no other dogs in the home. A yard with a tall fence would be a huge plus for this guy, too! He did just fine with cats in foster care and he's great with people, including children.

For more information on Jethro and how to adopt him, click here

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