Meet 'Hoppy,' the wallaby that briefly escaped its home in Franklin

NOW: Meet ’Hoppy,’ the wallaby that briefly escaped its home in Franklin

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) --Last week we shared with you a story about a wallaby that was briefly on the loose in a Franklin neighborhood.

We've gotten new information and sound from the 911 call.

Dispatch: "Franklin Emergency 911"

Caller: "Hi, I don't know if this is the number I should be calling...I know this sounds crazy, but there's also a kangaroo like in the yard."

Dispatch: "A kangaroo?"

Caller: "A kangaroo. I could send you a picture, and now that kangaroo crossed 35th Street and is in the neighbor across the street..."

Dispatch: "Do you think it's somebody dressed like a kangaroo, or do you think it's really a kangaroo?"

Caller: "It's a kangaroo."

The whole thing happened last week Tuesday.

According to Franklin police, the domesticated wallaby, who's name is "Hoppy," was only on the run for about five minutes on the city's east side, near 35th Street.

Hoppy's owners, a couple that lives in the area, were able to safely corral the animal.

Hoppy usually stays in a fenced-in backyard, but one of the owners may have accidentally left the gate open. 

The couple had a permit for Hoppy from Iowa, where they used to live.

Police say Hoppy appeared in good health, and its living conditions at home were good as well. 

They reviewed city ordinances and couldn't find any relating to keeping a wallaby in the city.

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