Medical Examiner Releases Believed Cause of Death for Body Found in the Creek

The Medical Examiner has released the report for the man that was found floating in the creek.

According to Wauwatosa Police were at an apartment complex investigating a burglary and stalking complaint surrounding the deceased.

That man was out on bail for a felony stalking case. He had just been released a few days ago.

Officers notice a black male, Carl Roberson, near their squad cars and a maintenance worker told officers that was their suspect.

The suspect fled on foot through a parking lot.

He then climbed over a wooden fence and over a bridge. He jumped into a small creek area.

Police observed him going north through the creek.

Officers put up a perimeter near Timmerman Airport to search for him

The search was called off at 4:59 PM.

The medical examiner believes the decedent stayed in the small body of water while evading police.

Medical Examiner believes he became hypothermic from the water temperature.

According to the report, there were no direct actions by police that led to the death.

The man’s wife told the medical examiner she believed he was shopping at a tile outlet store.  

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