Medical Examiner investigating death of man found frozen in Cudahy backyard

NOW: Medical Examiner investigating death of man found frozen in Cudahy backyard

CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner is currently investigating a death in Cudahy.

The Medical Examiner was called out to the 3900 block of E. Underwood on Thursday afternoon for a report of a man who was found frozen in his backyard.

The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown at this time. Cudahy Police say the 62-year-old man was not dressed for the weather and had light clothing on. 

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

"He lived by himself with his dog," said Roman Zukowski. "He was a neighbor, good guy, nice guy."

Neighbors remember always seeing the man with his dog in his yard or walking around the neighborhood. 

"He was an outdoors guy. You'd see him outside all the time, shoveling and running around with his dogs. I thought he was pretty healthy," said Zukowski.

Dan Fugina was notified about what happened to his neighbor when the police knocked on his door.

"An officer came to my door around 2:00 this afternoon," said Fugina. 

Fugina and other neighbors realized they hadn't seen the man for a few days.

"Usually he shovels pretty diligently, that was a red flag for me," said Fugina. "I'm shocked -- my neighbor of 14 years. We'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers to his family."

Fugina says the man's dog was all alone before his owner was discovered.

The 62-year-old's family has been notified, and in the evening his brother came to pick up the dog. He said he saw his brother last week, and he doesn't have any major health problems. 

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