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MCTS union considers strike, prepares contract counter-proposal

NOW: MCTS union considers strike, prepares contract counter-proposal


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The head of the union that represents Milwaukee County bus drivers considered going on strike Wednesday, Oct. 23.

The union had not heard back from the county on their latest proposal to end a contract stalemate. 

"I don't want to have to go on strike. Will I? People know we are capable and we have done it before, but why would the company put us in that situation?" asked James Macon, president of ATU Local 998.

The union was considering a strike, but late Wednesday afternoon sent a statement saying they have since heard from the county about their latest proposal.

The union's statement didn't offer specifics about what the county offered, but said they will have a counter-proposal. 

For now, there will be no strike.

MCTS drivers have been working without a contract since April.

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KathyLock 167 days ago
Actually, bus drivers have been living without a contract since, April of 2018, and the union has been putting up with the company not bargaining in good faith for far too long. By now, it's obvious to the company that the union is very reluctant to strike, and they're taking full advantage of it. While no one ever wants a strike, there comes a point where the union is forced into it, that point was crossed a long time ago, and the union is still sitting on their hands. Driving a bus in this day and age is not an easy job, dealing with the public who aren't drunk, high or mentally ill is bad enough, but dealing with the one's who are, is just plain dangerous. Drivers who are willing, unarmed, to still do this job deserve a decent contract. Due to it's hours and work days, this job is not conducive to family life, if you have kids and you're a single parent, it's almost impossible without the help of extended family. It's past time for the county to get serious at the bargaining table and give the bus workers a fair contract.
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