MCTS, transit union contract talks resume

Milwaukee County Transit representatives and the Local Transit Union are meeting Thursday to discuss a contract.  The two sides have been at a standstill for the past five months.  The bus drivers walked off the job nearly a month ago during Summerfest.  Union president James Macon wants what he calls a fair contract with the county.  He hasn't said whether or not the drivers could strike again.  The county hopes the union accepts their contract proposal.  But county leaders say the union keeps asking for more money - something the county leaders say they simply don't have.

\"We have fiscal constraints so if you guys want to take this $6.3 million and slice it differently,\" MCTS spokesman Brendan Conway said.  \"If they don't want to pay more for healthcare - okay - we can deal with that. Then you have to give us something. It's gotten to the point where they're just saying give give give, and they're not willing to give anything.\"

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