MCTS to study service delivery frequencies

NOW: MCTS to study service delivery frequencies


Milwaukee County's Transportation, Public Works, and Transit Committee passed a resolution Wednesday morning asking Milwaukee County Transit System to conduct a study on service delivery options.

MCTS currently operates as a 40/60 service, meaning that 40% of the transit’s service is high frequency with buses arriving more often than every 15 minutes. The other 60% is low frequency with buses arriving in intervals more than 15 minutes and closer to 25 minutes.

The study will look at the impacts of reversing the system to 60/40, which could effect bus routes and the number of routes there are.

MCTS says that study is something they willing to do.

"We are anxious to kick off public participation process. We want to involve the riders in our community, and looking at opportunities for a route redesign," said Dan Boehm, director of transit.

Boehm anticipates that the study could take up to a year to complete before they have any information for the county supervisors.

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