MCSO arrests 98 for speeding in effort to combat reckless driving

Milwaukee, WI -- (CBS 58) Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt has ordered on-going, random saturation patrols on the Milwaukee County freeway system to combat reckless driving and dangerously high speeding. The Wisconsin State Patrol has partnered with the Sheriff’s Office on this initiative. 

Last week, from 12/7-12/13, 226 traffic citations were issued, 98 for speeding:

11-15 mph over:         7                     25-29 mph over:        10

16-19 mph over:        32                    30-34 mph over:          2

20-24 mph over:        46                    35-39 mph over:          1

Unreasonable-imprudent speed:   25                                                                    

“Speed kills. Most of the freeway crashes are the result of people who are driving too fast for conditions and reckless driving. Our saturation patrols help change unsafe behavior on the freeway," said Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt.

Crashes YTD – 4788; 8 fatalities     OWI arrests YTD: 722 OWI; 97 OWI/Drugs

The focus of the saturation patrols is on reducing crashes, serious injury and property damage, and is not based on generating revenue. Construction zone safety is also compromised by speeding, reckless drivers. Motorists need to obey Wisconsin's MOVE OVER LAW, moving over a lane for emergency vehicles and tow trucks, or slowing to under 40 mph if unable to safely change lanes.

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