Mayor proposes body cameras for Milwaukee Police officers by 2016

One year from now, cops on the streets in Milwaukee could be wearing body cameras.

Mayor Tom Barrett made body cameras one of the centerpieces of his new proposed 318-million dollar budget.

\"We know there are individuals who claim they are not treated fairly by police officers,” Mayor Tom Barrett said.

That's why Mayor Tom Barrett is pushing for 1,200 body cameras for the Milwaukee Police Department.

\"These cameras will aide our police officers because our experience has been who make claims once they see the camera roll; all of a sudden their story has changed.\"

Public demand for the cameras has exploded after police-involved incidents in Missouri, Ohio, New York, and here in Milwaukee after the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton.

\"On the flip side of that, I think it's important for us to recognize on the national scene and the local scene the need to have trust in our police department,” Mayor Barrett said.

Barrett set aside 880-thousand dollars for those cameras.

The goal is to have officers equipped by the end of next year.

An annual commitment of one-point-zero-five million would in 2017.

Although it would be mandatory for officers to wear body cameras while on patrol, Chief Flynn says there will be situations when they can be turned off.

\"This is new territory for American citizens as well as for police departments and balancing a reasonable expectation of privacy when you summon the police department to deal with a family crisis has to balance with our need to be accountable and transparent,” Chief Flynn said.

186 million dollars of the Mayor's proposed budget would go to the MPD.

It would to help eliminate furlough days for police, provide overtime, and hire new officers.

A number of police departments around Wisconsin have also decided to use body cameras.

The Brown Deer Police Department began testing body cameras in June.

The Brookfield, Sturtevant and Janesville Police Departments are using body cameras now.

And according the capitol times, Madison and UW police will have body cameras by this fall.

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