Mayor Barrett Urging Residents to Get Walter Filters for Homes with Older Lead Pipes

Mayor Barrett strongly urged residents to get water filters to prevent lead exposure from older pipes. 

"I strongly urge anyone who lives in a home that is older than 1950-51 to get filters for their faucets," the Mayor said Wednesday.

The comments came during a water conference at Marquette. 

"The filters are very effective, even for infants. if you use a filter and acceptable filter, that you can get the lead out of your water."

Nearly 70,000 lateral sewer pipes containing lead still need to be replaced.

The estimated cost is between $5 and $7 million.

The Wisconsin DNR  is allocating several million dollars to fix the laterals, including pipes at daycare centers in the city.

Earlier this year the Mayor was unhappy that there wasn't more money being committed to fix the problem.

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