Mayor Barrett Reacts to Proposed Bill That Aims to Make Milwaukee Safer

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he is pleased with a new bipartisan bill that aims to make Milwaukee safer. 

The bill targets gun crimes and would make it a felony if someone buys a gun intending to give it to someone who cannot legally have it. That's known as a straw purchase.

Mayor Tom Barrett says it's important to keep guns off the streets.

"We want to get at these individuals who can't legally possess these guns or who we don't think should legally possess these guns and make sure they don't commit crimes," said the mayor in an interview Friday.

The proposed bill would also make having a gun a felony if someone has had three misdemeanor convictions in 5 years. 


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A group of Wisconsin legislators is proposing a bill that would create a number of new gun crimes.

The bill would make it a felony for people to possess a gun if they've had three misdemeanor convictions in five years. The measure also would make it a felony to buy a gun intending to give it someone who can't legally possess it; giving a gun or possessing one for someone who can't legally possess it; and lying about being a straw buyer on the notification form purchasers give dealers.

Sens. Alberta Darling, a River Hills Republican, and LaTonya Johnson, a Milwaukee Democrat, along with state Reps. Joe Sanfelippo, a New Berlin Republican, and David Bowen, a Milwaukee Democrat, are sponsoring the bill. They say the measure would make Milwaukee safer.

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