Mayor Barrett hosts 'Fatherhood Mini Summit' helping to empower men to become better dads

NOW: Mayor Barrett hosts ’Fatherhood Mini Summit’ helping to empower men to become better dads

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett once again is helping men become better fathers.

The Mayor hosted a 'mini-summit' at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center today where fathers received information on child support, health, employment, and parenting services.

The mayor tells us fathers play an important role in a child's life.

"You really are blessed to be a parent, and with that comes responsibilities. It's a positive program to get men engaged because again many of them face challenges and we know that but we think they can play a positive role if they have the tools to do so," said Mayor Barrett.

The event was an extension of a much larger Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative Summit that's held every year in the fall.

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