Marquette University Police Department becomes official Friday

Marquette University will officially transition from a Department of Public Safety to a full-time Police Department Friday.

The decision comes after years of feedback from various agencies, departments, and the community.

Marquette will officially swear-in 19 officers Friday, May 1. The department will use the summer to train more officers hoping they can have 35 officers ready by the fall.

The new officers will have training in homeless outreach, crisis intervention, and fair and impartial police training.

Chief Paul Mascari says the new department will focus on keeping students safe but also help with traffic issues in and around campus.

The department will still be able to lean on the Milwaukee Police Department for any assistance.

\"When somebody contacts us because they want to report a crime, in the past we'd have to contact the Milwaukee Police Department,\" Chief Mascari said. \"We were kind of the middle man. Going forward, we'll be able to handle that for people without having to contact MPD.\"

The university will hold an event Friday to recognize the new department.

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