Marquette Professor among leading JFK conspiracy debunkers

MILWAUKEE-Political Science Professor John McAdams finds himself the focus of many interviews on this 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

For 20 years he has taught a class on what happened in Dallas on November 22nd and maintains a website with extensive evidence documents, photos, and witness testimony.

He says the fact that he was born in Kennedy, Alabama is pure coincidence. His only interest in engaging in political discourse.

He's become one of the leading debunkers to JFK conspiracy theories and was recently featured in a Time Magazine article.

McAdams told CBS 58 News this week about his students, \"I don't want to give them the impression that I care one way or the other whether they believe in a conspiracy or not. I want them to make up their own minds.\"

McAdams says he wants to make people aware of what he calls all the nonsense out there.

\"I want people to know that when they watch the movie JFK, not just every paragraph, but every sentence of dialogue is untrue.\"

But the maker of the film JFK is doubling down on this grim anniversary with the release of a special box set that contains bonus footage that he believes proves his theory of more than one gunman.

\"You can see it with your own eyes,\" director Oliver Stone recently told the \"Freedom Now\" television show, \"when he (the president) gets the hit from the front which is the fourth, the fifth or the sixth shot, he goes back and to the left. That's the basic evidence.\"

McAdams counters:

\"When you actually count it carefully, it's 36 people who thought shots came from the grassy knoll. 64, I have it now, came from the book depository. Most interestingly only three witnesses thought shots came from two directions.\"

McAdams says he didn't seek to become a proponent of the Warren Commission which concluded Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

\"If people want to talk about something I don't ask questions about the benefit,\" McAdams says, \"If people want to talk about it that's what should happen. That's political discourse.\"



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