Maple Syrup Tapping Takes Place at Wehr Nature Center

It's maple syrup tapping season at the Wehr Nature Center in Franklin.

CBS 58's Michael Schlesinger got a first-hand look at how the process works.

It starts with drilling into the tree then tapping into the syrup supply.

The syrup is then boiled and eventually poured over some pancakes.

Experts at the Nature Center said this process is more involved than you might think.

The priority is to keep the tree healthy.  Put two to three taps in maple tree.  Never put it where it was before. Tree bark heals over.  Don't get disease and hurt tree.

This time of year, with mild temperatures during the day and chilly nights, produces the best "flow" from a maple tree.

If you'd like to learn how it works first hand, next weekend, March 19th and 20th, the Wehr Nature Center is hosting Maple Sugar Days for Families.

It includes cooking demonstrations, walking tours, and hands on activities with the syrup.

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