Manhunt continues in Kenosha for Andrew Obregon

Several agencies, high tech surveillance helicopters and strategic planning seem to be no match for Andrew Obregon. He once again slipped away from police, Tuesday evening, after a car chase near, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth expressed his disappointment.

"We're as frustrated as we can be that we have not caught him."

Obregon dodges police in the pitch black fields, turning his lights off, shielded by cornfields and wooded areas. Fear of an ambush kept police at a distance Tuesday evening.

"When you are leading the chase, you know exactly where you want to go, exactly where you want to get to, and not the officers behind you, it makes it very difficult, it's not the middle of a city."

Shots were fired in the last pursuit, but not from police or Obregon.

"What they actually did was went out and shot into the air in case Andrew Obregon was close and could hear, to scare him off, that's how nervous are people who live here are of Andrew Obregon being in their backyard."

Schools are also locked down, with no recess. Police officers are in duty as children arrive and leave. Parents are afraid he could be hiding nearby

The sheriff says Obregon is on a crack addicted high...the same drug that will eventually catch up with him

It's been consuming his life, and it's what's going to bring him down too."

Obregon has not left the area long in the last couple weeks. Police believe he could be driving a red and maroon pickup truck with a bad black paint job. However, he has switched cars several times.

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