Man wanted after selling fake Summerfest tickets

NOW: Man wanted after selling fake Summerfest tickets

Thousands do what they can to get their hands on tickets for the hottest acts at Summerfest each year.

A police affidavit filed last week shows at least two women were sold fake tickets to get into the American Family Insurance Amphitheater.

The Better Business Bureau says they always worry about counterfeit tickets during Milwaukee's busy festival season, and now they're sending out a warning after this man scammed the two Waukesha County women out of a thousand dollars.

"Craigslist can be a great spot for getting a good deal and purchasing something that you really want and you can't find anywhere else, but there are also risks with that," said Lisa Schiller with the BBB.

In two separate cases, women agreed to meet a man at a public place for tickets to the July 2nd Pink concert at Summerfest -- only to find they were fake.

One woman got turned away at the entry gate. The other was worried the tickets were counterfeit after she bought them. She called Ticketmaster to verify the order number the man included with the tickets. Ticketmaster told her the ticket she bought doesn't exist.

"It's really tough to know whether or not by just visually looking at a ticket whether or not it's been visually reproduced or not," said Schiller.

If you aren't buying seats straight through the venue or a ticket broker, it's recommended you verify the order number, seat number from the venue before handing over any money.

The two victims don't know each other, and didn't know much about the guy advertising the tickets. The police affadavit states the seller called himself "Adrian."

The department is now trying to track down the man that sold the tickets. They sent a subpeona to Craigslist last week asking for the name, email address and phone number of the seller.

Anyone with information is asked to call City of Brookfield Police at 262-787-3702.

The BBB doesn't want this to happen again and says you should ask for more information, and how to contact them if there's any problems with the tickets.

"Be really leary of a price that's very low, somebody that's ready to sell, in a hurry to sell, someone that doesn't want to meet you in person, or give out too much personal information. Those are all red flags... if they get really nervous or defensive, like, 'why do you want to see my drivers license,' that might be a red flag," said Schiller.

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