Man Uses Toothpick and Cellphone to Help Nab a Maintenance Man Stealing his Medicine

A Racine couple helped nab a maintenance man that was breaking into their senior living apartment and stealing prescription medication.

Husband told police that over the course of a year, he had suspected someone was using a key to gain entry and steal prescription medication.

The man reported the theft to police at one point but there wasn’t enough evidence. The couple stopped reporting because they feared of the same outcome and they were forced to ration their medicine.

According to the criminal complaint, the man was fearful his age may be contributing to his forgetfulness. So he started putting a toothpick in the apartment door’s weather strip to see if it was there when he returned.

The toothpick was on the floor when he returned an increasing amount of times.  There was never damage to the door and the door was always locked. On August 8, the man hid a cellphone in his apartment with the video camera recording.

He witnessed his maintenance man, Jamie Hamilton, entering his home without authorization and taking the couple’s medication.

Hamilton was charged with burglary of a building and possession of narcotic drugs. 

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