"It smelled like paper and rubber:" One arrested in connection to Milwaukee fire that displaced 64 people

NOW: “It smelled like paper and rubber:“ One arrested in connection to Milwaukee fire that displaced 64 people

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One person was taken into custody in connection to an apartment fire that displaced 64 people early Sunday morning. 

Milwaukee Police was called out to a domestic violence dispute when the suspect started a small fire outside an apartment door. 

“The alarm got to going off like really loud so we were trying to find out what was going on," said Tearrah Wilson, lives in the apartment located near 18th and Highland. 

The fire was quickly extinguished. But as officers continued their investigation, they discovered a large fire in the hallway. 

“People were rushing from the third floor. Police came in and rushed everyone out and we were standing out for a good two to three hours," said Wilson. 

Police evacuated everyone out of the building and firefighters worked to extinguish the fire. 

“It was kind of selfish because there are families up in this house. You know there are kids and other families," said Wilson.

Milwaukee Police said one officer suffered a minor 1st degree burn on his hand. The officer is okay and returned to full duty. 

About 30 people of those evacuated went to Rehoboth New Life Center, where Red Cross had set up a reception center. 

"Folks are starting to have food now and having conversations. Our partners with the church and Salvation Army have been great to open up discussions and relieving some of those frustrations," said Justin Kern, Red Cross Communications Officer. 

For people like Wilson, she was glad to get out of the cold and get something to eat. 

"I was starving and I was thinking I need to get something to eat," said Wilson.

Wilson's thankful she, her family and her unborn baby are okay.

"Red Cross is doing a good job and helping us out and stuff. It's home, there's food and shelter," said Wilson. 

Milwaukee Fire said there is about $35,000 worth of damages but it is repairable. There is no estimated time when residents can return to their homes. 

The reception center is scheduled to close around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. Anyone who still needs assistance is urged to call the Red Cross main line at (414) 236-8680.

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