Man tried to lure Heyer Elementary School Student into Car

A student at Heyer Elementary School in Waukesha reported that she was approached by a black man who possibly attempted to lure her into his vehicle during the afternoon pick-up time.

Waukesha Police say the man is described as being taller, with gray hair, wearing a red puffy jacket and light colored jeans.

He was driving an older model white 4-door sedan with rust on the rear wheel.

Waukesha police say they are working with the school district, making the students a top priority.

As a result of this incident, all police department staff, school district staff and administration has been alerted and are increasing their presence during the drop-off, pick-up and recess time.

CBS 58 spoke with the child who reported being approached by the suspect and the child’s father.

Genevieve Vanderwalt said a man approached her while she was outside Heyer Elementary School Wednesday afternoon looking for her grandfather.

"I asked a lady holding a baby if she saw him,” Genevieve Vanderwalt said. “She said no. The man said he saw him and he told me to follow him, he told me to follow him and I did."

The 5th grader said the man then asked her to get inside his car, but she said no and ran away.

"I didn't think he didn't really see my grandpa,” Genevieve Vanderwalt said. “I just thinking he was lying, he was trying to steal me, I didn't feel right about it."

The child’s father, Peter Vanderwalt is understandably upset.

"When it comes to family, you come near my kids, trust me, I'm going to do some bad things to you,” Peter Vanderwalt said.

The school district made parents including aware of the incident by sending them a voicemail.

Waukesha parent Court Bowey expressed her concerns about what happened.

"It's very nerve racking,” Bowey said. “You have to be able to trust the people around you. The thought that there is somebody out there that can snatch a kid at any given time, it's very scary."

"I understand that every school in the Waukesha district has been notified about this, so this guy needs to get caught,” Peter Vanderwalt said. “He needs to get caught and put away."

Going forward, Peter Vanderwalt said Thursday afternoon he will be picking up his kids from school personally.

"That's going to happen for me at least until this resolved,” Peter Vanderwalt said.

Police say the suspect is described as a taller black man, gray hair, wearing a puffy red coat and light colored jeans.

He was last seen driving an older white 4-door sedan.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Detective Stucker at 262-524-3927.

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