Man rescues woman from bridge in town of Beloit

NOW: Man rescues woman from bridge in town of Beloit


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Police say a good Samaritan saved a woman from killing herself in Southern Wisconsin.

Mike Tuttle was driving across a bridge when he saw a woman standing on the edge, preparing to jump.

Tuttle says when he got close enough to reach her, he pulled her to safety.

"She had one foot on this side and one foot over," Tuttle said. "Then when I got out of the car, she put both feet over, and I knew I better act now."

"I think he did an excellent job," said Captain Ron Northrop of the town of Beloit Police Department. "He saw that there was a crisis that was going on, and he did take action. In my opinion, I do feel he had at this point, actually saved her life."

Tuttle says he believes in divine intervention and was in the right place at the right time to save the woman. 

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