Man living near officer-involved shooting in Franklin shares how events unfolded Friday

NOW: Man living near officer-involved shooting in Franklin shares how events unfolded Friday

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The aftermath of the officer-involved shooting in Franklin Friday, Sept. 3, still remains on the streets this weekend.

Police continue to investigate the incident that shut down 27th and Sycamore all day Friday.

There are still car scraps, police tape, and tire tracks left from the scene.

A man who lives feet away from the incident told CBS 58 what he witnessed.

"When I seen all the Sheriff cars coming down on 27th Street south, I figured there was something up," said Dave Beaudoin, who lives near the scene.

Beaudoin has been living on S. 27th Street since 1974.

Never in his life did he imagine witnessing something like what unfolded Friday.

Beaudoin said he heard a loud crash Friday morning and went outside to see what was happening.

"I seen that police got the guy down and told him to get down and I said I'm getting out of here," said Beaudoin.

This all started early Friday when an armed suspect carjacked two separate drivers, later leading police on a pursuit.

The suspect crashed into a tree on 27th and Sycamore.

Police say 31-year-old David Wayne Marshall Jr. got out of the car with a gun and a shootout unfolded.

Marshall died on the scene as a result of the shooting

"I heard the bullets so when I got to the fence of my driveway I dove for cover. I dove on the cement," said Beaudoin.

Beaudoin said his neighbor's racks saved a couple of bullets from hitting him and his home as he ducked for cover.

The bullet marks remain on the racks and on his home.

"My dad's truck blocked those two bullet holes right when I walked by it so I possibly could have got hit by those," said Beaudoin.

Beaudoin said afterward that police came to check on him and told him to stay in his home, keeping the area closed down until about 8 p.m. Friday.

He said it isn't unusual to see speeding on 27th street.

"There's loud cars mufflers, speeding. People think they race car drivers and stuff. It's only getting worse," said Beaudoin.

Beaudoin said he believed his dad was watching over him, as his truck and the neighbor's rack played a role in him not getting hit by the bullets.

"My dad was looking out for me in heaven," said Beaudoin.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

The incident remains under investigation by West Allis Police.

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