Man charged in hit and run death of eighteen-month-old girl

MILWAUKEE -- Thomas Walker has been charged in the hit and run accident that killed eighteen-month-old Ariana Matosek, and injured her mother Cheyenne Jackson on November 27th.

According to the criminal complaint, Walker was driving a U-Haul truck on S 6th St. and hit Jackson and her daughter while making a left turn onto Hayes St. Jackson told investigators she was taking her child to daycare when she and her daughter were hit. The criminal complaint did note Walker's license was suspended at the time of the accident.

A witness followed Walker, and informed him he caused an accident. Walker told police he didn't believe the man, because he didn't feel or hear anything while driving. Walker says he knew the man was right when he heard about the accident on the 10:00 p.m. news.

Milwaukee police found the U-Haul that hit Jackson and her daughter. The man driving that truck told police he was helping his cousin \"T-Mack\" move. The man also said he just began driving the truck shortly before police pulled him over.

A Milwaukee police officer found Walker hiding in a crawl space in a house on the 1300 block of W. Hadley St. Walker told police he had someone else rent a U-Haul truck for him since his license was suspended. He has been convicted of Operating While Suspended four times since 2011.

Walker is charged with two counts of hit and run, and one count of knowingly operate motor vehicle while suspended. If convicted on all three counts, Walker could be sentenced up to 26 years and three months in jail.

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