Man at the center of Lambeau rampage appears in court

NOW: Man at the center of Lambeau rampage appears in court

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) -- The man facing multiple charges for ramming his car into other vehicles at Lambeau Field just days before Christmas made an appearance in court Thursday.

Those charges include recklessly endangering public safety and causing criminal damage to property.

The prosecuting attorney in the case says that Vang was in fact endangering safety.

"Frankly if they're 5 feet away from that car the car that was moved ahead for spaces and smashed under another car I think that places them at significant risk."

Vang had a fight with one of his former co-workers just a few weeks prior to this incident.

He was fired from his job at Lambeau which led him to file a report with the police.

Green Bay police detective Craig Pakkala was appointed to investigate the case.

"I reviewed portions of this investigation, I reviewed the criminal complaint, all the details I have not reviewed," says Pakkala.

The defense maintained that his testimony could not give an accurate account of events to prove vang was recklessly endangering safety.

"He reviewed the officer's report and that officer took the statement of a witness, so therefore there's two levels of hearsay, not just one," says Van's attorney Trisha Fritz.

Pakkala did interview Vang and other witnesses but said he hadn't reviewed all the details of those accounts since late December.

"I don't think that the testimony of the officer definitely holds much credibility here considering he stated he did not know when the vehicle hit," says Fritz.

Vang's arraignment date has been set for January 29.

He is expected to enter a plea.

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