Man arrested after fleeing from officers and striking a squad car, told police "people were chasing him"

Officers with the Racine Police Department attempted to stop a vehicle in the 3400 block of Douglas Ave which was being driven by Charles Town.

The officers positioned their squads behind Town and initiated their lights and sirens. Officers also deployed a spike strip. Town drove over the spike strip and continued to drive with punctured tires. 

Officers saw that Town would veer into oncoming traffic as the pursuit was progressing. An officer placed his squad next to Town's vehicle and Town rammed the squad, causing damage.

Town's car eventually came to stop, and he fled from his car. Once he stopped running, verbal commands were given for him to get on the ground. He ignored the commands and according to officers, he began acting in a hysterical manner. One officer deployed his taser. Town continued to be combative and resistive, and K9 Dozer was deployed.

After being taken into custody, Town told officers that "people were chasing him" and that he needed to get out of this dimension. When asked if he had taken any drugs, Town told police he had taken Adderall.

Upon searching Town's car, a glass pipe believed to be used to smoke crack cocaine was located.

Town now faces charges of Eluding an Officer, Hit and Run, Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Town will appear in court on June 1st for his preliminary hearing. 

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