Man accused of trafficking children threatens family in jail calls

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee man accused of child sex trafficking decided not to testify in his own defense.

The state rested it's case against Roy Weatherall on Tuesday, after having more than 10 witnesses take the stand, in a jury trial that is in its second week.

On Tuesday morning, the jury heard audio recordings of intimidating phone calls Weatherall made to his family while he was in jail awaiting trial.

Prosecutors used the recording as evidence against Weatherall on two counts of witness intimidation.

During the phone calls, Weatherall confronted his brother Ramon Weatherall about statements he gave to police. Weatherall kept telling his brother he was going to get arrested.

RAMON: \"I'm not getting arrested, (expletive)\"

ROY: \"You sure you didn't make no statement?\"

RAMON: \"dude, don't ask me that (expletive) alright?\"

ROY: \"listen, I have to ask because why do they got it on my file?\"

RAMON: I didn't make a statement man! I didn't make a statement!\"

There are also recordings of a phone call Weatherall made to his mother. Weatherall used profane language and even threatened her.

ROY: \"you  better (expletive) listen to me, man. I've been calling you all \"expletive\" week (expletive) and y'all been looking at the (expletive) phone.

MOM: \"and I will never\"

ROY: (inaudible) and I'll kill both of y'all, man. (expletive)

MOM: \"you will do nothing\"

ROY: \"I don't give a (expletive) about you. You punk (expletive).

MOM: \"uh huh, you will do nothing. Nobody's scared of you. You no good.

ROY: \"keep saying it, watch what's gon' happen. I will break your (expletive) mouth.

MOM: \"Yea, you do it. I am not afraid of you.\"

Closing arguments will begin on Wednesday morning.


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