Man accused of killing wife apologizes to family in court

NOW: Man accused of killing wife apologizes to family in court

James Hutchins Sr. appeared in a Milwaukee County Courtroom for his preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

Hutchins is accused of shooting and setting fire to his wife Tyvitta Dischler. Dischler died.

As Hutchins walked to his seat, he looked Dischler's father in the eyes and said, "I'm sorry Todd."

As he took his seat, his attorney advised him not to talk.

Hutchins responded, "I can talk. You're fired. You're fired. She's fired."

The court commissioner excused Hutchins and his attorney before proceeding with the hearing.

Once court reconvened Hutchins said he would proceed with his attorney.

Hutchins waived his right to his preliminary hearing and entered a plea of not guilty.

Hutchins also is accused of child abuse against the couple’s 5 year old son.

Dischler’s family tells CBS 58 that Hutchin’s family has custody of the child but want to fight to take custody over.

They said today's hearing was tough, and don’t feel like his apology in court was enough.

"I think he just said sorry just because everyone else was around and he knew that was the right thing to do, you know. But i don’t think he meant the words," said Z Jackson, Dischler's cousin. 

Dischler's sister Tehhessa told CBS 58, “He didn’t have sympathy for her, i just want justice for her.”

Hutchins will be back in court for scheduling conference June 28.

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